As Christians who are empowered by the Word of God, we are thrilled to encourage all the young generation to courageously declare their seats of being prayerful boys and girls in this youth month. We commemorate the Youth of June 16, 1976 who boldly took to the streets of Soweto and set the world on fire for quality education without fear of losing their lives. Regardless of them being shot and killed by police, yet they never surrendered nor compromised to the enemy but looked forward to their future goal.
And today we are proud of the youth of 2018 for they are God’s end time generation who take the gospel by full force. They sing songs of deliverance. They are convinced about the existence of their God. Come rain or sunshine, they are the Youth for Christ who adamantly stands against the rulers of the kingdom of darkness. They are resolute to hoist the flag for Christ Jesus. HAPPY YOUTH DAY

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