Who are we

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Rock of Victory Ministries International was founded through the God’s divine direction by Rev. Onyekachi Anosike,

Rock of Victory Ministries International was founded through the God’s divine direction by Rev. Onyekachi Anosike, on 5 March 2009 at Number 28-34 Gwi-Gwi Mrwebi Street; corner Quinn Street, Newtown, Johannesburg, South Africa. The Church started with a congregation of about (500) members. By the grace of God, the church is growing from glory to glory. In just three (3) years the congregation has grown up to eight thousand (8000) members and getting more than fifty (50) new members every Sunday and membership is increasing weekly.

The church was registered under section 21 of the Companies Act of South Africa, and as an Organization not for gain, its finances derives from donations, tithes, pledges and fund raising. The church has been doing very well through contributions it receives which cover all operating costs and programs of the church.

What We Do

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Our church is Pentecostal church that worship God even in praises. The leader of the Praise team makes sure that they are always alert as praising God is an integral part of worshiping God. Praises are in different languages such as English, Sotho, Isizulu, Nigerian, Tsonga and other African Languages.


Much attention is paid by giving glory to God. There are Prayer groups (known as prayer forces) comprise members of the congregation who commit themselves in standing in the gap for the church, country and their families. We have Junior Prayer force and Senior prayer force.

Faith development

Evangelism and ministry are the heart of Rock of Victory Ministries International’s work for Jesus Christ in the city.

Community building

We have a challenge in building and sustaining a sense of community within the congregation.

Role of Church

The church has been playing a very important role in the community of this country as it is involved in various Non-Governmental Organizations, alleviating pressure on those individuals

Place of Hope and Healing

Many people finds this church as a place of hope and healing because many had been healed of diseases that were regarded as incurable such as AIDS, Cancer, Asthma, excessive bleeding, fibroid, barrenness and others.


Rock of Victory Ministries International has a record of service to the wider community of which is proud of.

Our Testimonies

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21 Oct

For 5 years her husband was abducted by rebels in Mozambique. He was tortured and all hope was lost. The God of Rev Francis intervened and today he is reunited...

02 Aug

I work as a machine operator in the field of dynamite explosives. I was under the torment of a spiritual husband for twelve (12)years. In those 12 years I was...

02 Jul

We Serve a wonder-working God, Grand Finale of #AND_THE_ENEMIES_SUBMITTED. What a Powerful Sunday Service, Masses attended to witness the power and move of...