The book of second Samuel tells us that David hungered to build a temple for God. He desired it so much, but the Lord never permitted him for reason of his war life. David might have felt disappointed but didn’t stop in his quest. He went ahead to procure all that was needed to build the temple, he made everything ready for Solomon to build God’s temple, that’s how much David loved God. He would give his best to God; he gave God all that was needed to build the temple.

It is a privilege invest in God’s work. The Lord wants men and women who understand the essence of giving for his kingdom to partner with us in building for God. We want to build a temple for God, a place for all to worship God, and we need givers to support the building project.

The Bible tells us that blessed is the man that gives, whatever you give will return to you in multiple folds. Remember that the Bible accounts  giving as a lead way to prosperity – God gave Jesus to win His lost Children on earth. Giving is the key to prosperity, not just giving, but giving for what is right. Building for God is definitely a right thing to do – support the work of God with your resources and the Lord will be there to grant you the desires of your heart and then he will make your way greatly prosperous.